RS485/RS422 Transceiver with ±30kV ESD Protection



General Description

The CA-IF48xx family of devices are low-power transceivers  for RS-485/RS-422 communications in harsh environments.  All devices have ±30V fault protection for overvoltage  conditions on the bus lines that ensure robust protection  for the communication interface. They also feature ±15V  wide common-mode range (CMR), this feature was  specifically designed for systems where there is a large  common-mode voltage present due to either nearby  electrically noisy equipment or large ground differences  due to different earth grounds or long distance  transmission. The bus pins of these devices are protected  against ±15kV (for the full-duplex transceivers) and ±30kV (for the half-duplex transceivers) electro-static discharge  (ESD) shocks, eliminating the need for additional system  level protection components.

The CA-IF48xx family of devices contains one driver(TX) and one receiver(RX), operates over the +3V to +5.5V  supply range, making these devices convenient for  designers to use one part with either +3.3V or +5V supply  systems. The CA-IF48xxHS/HM/HD devices provide half-duplex transceivers, and the CA-IF48xxFS/FM/FD devices  provide full-duplex transceivers. The CA-IF4820 and CA-IF4850 can transmit and receive at data rates up to  20Mbps and up to 50Mbps respectively, while the CAIF4805 is specified for data rates up to 500kbps. These  devices also include fail-safe circuitry, guaranteeing a logic-high receiver output when the receiver inputs are shorted  or open.  

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Sample Application

Application model: CA-IF4820HS