CA-IS3020S CA-IS3020S


Low power single/dual direction I2C isolators



General Description

The CA-IS302x devices are complete dual-channel, galvanic  digital isolators with up to 3.75kVRMS (narrow-body  package)/5kVRMS (wide-body package) isolation rating and ±150kV/μs typical CMTI. All device versions have Schmitt  trigger inputs for high noise immunity and each isolation  channel has a logic input and output buffer separated by  capacitive silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier to provide  high electromagnetic immunity and low EMI. These devices  feature high-integration design and only require fewer  external components, VDDA, VDDB bypass capacitors and pull-up resistors, to build an isolated I2C interface. 

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Technical Documentation

Category Title Last Updated
CA-IS302x-datasheet_Version1.02 Datasheet Feb 09,2023

Certification Standards

Category Title Certification Number Date
V2023CQC001041-1118336 CQC CQC23001406271 Feb 16,2023
E511334-20200520-CertificateofCompliance UL UL-CA-L511334-21-02500202-4 Feb 16,2023
VDE_Marks_Approval_40052786_300 VDE 40052786 Feb 16,2023

Sample Application

Application model: CA-IS3020S