About Interface

Chipanalog’s interface products include CAN/LIN/SBC transceivers, RS-422/RS-485 transceivers, AISG, HOMBUS etc. solutions. These devices feature both high-voltage fault protection, high-ESD protection, and extended common-mode voltage range. They are ideal for the harsh environment applications, such as industrial, automotive, communication, energy storage, home appliances etc.

Our CAN/LIN/SBC product lines include high-speed controller area network(CAN) FD transceivers, small-size general CAN transceivers and LIN transceivers. These devices offer integrated isolation, high ESD, high fault protection and high immunity for more robust communication in harsh and noisy environments, ideal for industrial, automotive, and instrumentation applications.

Chipanalog offers broad RS-485/RS-422 transceivers and RS-232 transceivers for industrial automation, automotive, HVAC, metering, and point of sale (POS) etc. applications. RS-485/RS-422 transceivers are available in both industry-standard packages and spacing-saving packages, support up to 500kbps to 50Mbps data rates; RS-232 transceivers integrate two receivers and two transmitters into single chip. All of devices integrate a wide array of features to increase reliability and simplify designs while providing the high-level protection on the market.

Chipanalog offers different communication protocol transceivers, including AISG v3.0-compliant OOK modulator and demodulator transceivers, Homebus transceivers. The Homebus transceivers can be used in the Home Bus System, where data and power are passed on a single pair of wires, while minimizing the need for external components. They are ideal for the long distance transmission applications.

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APPNOTEAN007_How to Isolate CAN BusCA-IF1051HS, CA-IF1051S, CA-IS3050EU, CA-IS3050EW, CA-IS3050G, CA-IS3050U, CA-IS3050W, CA-IS3052EW, CA-IS3052G, CA-IS3052W, CA-IS3105W2022-07-21
EVMUGCA-IF1051XX-Q1 AEC-Q100 Test ReportCA-IF1051S-Q1, CA-IF1051VS-Q12022-05-26
EVMUGUG012_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF1051 Family of CAN TransceiversCA-IF1042S, CA-IF1042VS, CA-IF1051HS, CA-IF1051S, CA-IF1051VS2022-05-26
EVMUGUG017_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF48xxHS Isolated CAN TransceiversCA-IF4805HS, CA-IF4820HS, CA-IF4850HS2022-05-26
EVMUGUG024_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF48xxHM RS-485 TransceiversCA-IF4805HM, CA-IF4820HM, CA-IF4850HM2022-05-26
EVMUGUG025_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF48xxFM RS-422 TransceiversCA-IF4805FM, CA-IF4820FM, CA-IF4850FM2022-05-26
EVMUGUG027_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF4023 AISG TransceiverCA-IF40232022-05-26