Our CAN/LIN/SBC product lines include high-speed controller area network (CAN) FD transceivers, small-size general CAN transceivers and LIN transceivers. These devices offer integrated isolation, high ESD, high fault protection and high immunity for more robust communication in harsh and noisy environments, ideal for industrial, automotive, and instrumentation applications.

CAN Transceiver

These CAN transceivers compliant with ISO1189-2 (2016) high-speed controller area network (CAN) PHY standard.

LIN Transceiver

Part NumberSeries NameLife CycleVIORemote WakeupData Rate
Common Mode Voltage Range
Fault Protection
HBM ESD other
Operating Voltage Range
VIO Voltage Range
Junction Temp Range
CA-IF1051HS±70V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD正在供货NN5 -30~30 -70~70464.5~5.5/ -55~150SOIC8IndustrialCAN Transceiver, CA-IF1051
CA-IF1051S5Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD正在供货NN5 -30~30 -58~58484.5~5.5/ -55~150SOIC8IndustrialCAN Transceiver, CA-IF1051
CA-IF1051VS5Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD正在供货YN5 -30~30 -58~58482.5~5.52.5~5.5 -55~150SOIC8IndustrialCAN Transceiver, CA-IF1051
CA-IF1042S-Q1Automotive CAN Transceivers with ±70V Fault Protection正在供货NY5-30~30-70~708164.5~5.5/-55~150SOIC8AutomotiveAutomotive, CAN Transceiver, CA-IF1042
CA-IF1042VS-Q1Automotive CAN Transceivers with ±70V Fault Protection正在供货YY5-30~30-70~708164.5~5.5/-55~150SOIC8AutomotiveAutomotive, CAN Transceiver, CA-IF1042
CA-IF1051S-Q15Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD正在供货NN5-30~30-58~58484.5-5.5/-55~150SOIC8AutomotiveAutomotive, CAN Transceiver, CA-IF1051
CA-IF1051VS-Q15Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD正在供货YN5-30~30-58~58484.5-5.52.5~5.5-55~150SOIC8AutomotiveAutomotive, CAN Transceiver, CA-IF1051
CA-IF1021S-Q1±58V Fault Protected LIN Transceiver with Inhibit and Wake-up工程送样NY0.02/-58~58245.5-27/-55~150 SOIC8AutomotiveAutomotive, CA-IF102x, LIN Transceiver
CA-IF1044S-Q1Automotive CAN transceiver with standby工程送样NY5-30~30-58~58684.5~5.5/-55~150SOIC8AutomotiveAutomotive, CA-IF1044, CAN Transceiver
CA-IF1044VS-Q1Automotive CAN transceiver with standby工程送样YY5-30~30-58~58684.5~5.51.8~5.5-55~150SOIC8AutomotiveAutomotive, CA-IF1044, CAN Transceiver

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CategoryTitleLast ModifiedDownload
APPNOTEAN007_How to Isolate CAN BusCA-IF1051HS, CA-IF1051S, CA-IS3050EU, CA-IS3050EW, CA-IS3050G, CA-IS3050U, CA-IS3050W, CA-IS3052EW, CA-IS3052G, CA-IS3052W, CA-IS3105W2022-07-21
DatasheetCA-IF1042 ±70V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD_Version1.01CA-IF1042S, CA-IF1042VS, CA-IF1044S-Q1, CA-IF1044VS-Q12022-08-05
DatasheetCA-IF1044-Q1 Automotive CAN Transceiver with Standby_Version1.01CA-IF1044S-Q1, CA-IF1044VS-Q12022-08-11
DatasheetCA-IF1051 5Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD_Version1.01CA-IF1051S, CA-IF1051VS2022-08-16
DatasheetCA-IF1051HS +5V, ±70V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD_Version1.02CA-IF1051HS2022-08-16
EVMUGCA-IF1051XX-Q1 AEC-Q100 Test ReportCA-IF1051S-Q1, CA-IF1051VS-Q12022-05-26
DatasheetCA‐IF1051S/VS-Q1 5Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD_Version1.00CA-IF1051S-Q1, CA-IF1051VS-Q12022-08-16
EVMUGUG012_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF1051 Family of CAN TransceiversCA-IF1042S, CA-IF1042VS, CA-IF1051HS, CA-IF1051S, CA-IF1051VS2022-05-26