About RS-485/422/232

Chipanalog offers broad RS-485/RS-422 transceivers and RS-232 transceivers for industrial automation, automotive, HVAC, metering, and point of sale (POS) etc. applications. RS-485/RS-422 transceivers are available in both industry-standard packages and spacing-saving packages, support up to 500kbps to 50Mbps data rates; RS-232 transceivers integrate two receivers and two transmitters into single chip. All of devices integrate a wide array of features to increase reliability and simplify designs while providing the high-level protection on the market.

Standard RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers

This family of RS-485/RS-422 full-duplex and half-duplex transceivers are optimized for the harsh and noisy industrial environments.

Standard RS-485 Transceivers

This family of RS-485/RS-422 full-duplex and half-duplex transceivers are optimized for the harsh and noisy industrial environments.


Part NumberSeries NameLife CycleIsolatedOperation ModeData Rate
Common Mode Range
Fault Protection
Operating Voltage Range
Temperature Range
CA-IF4850HSRS485/RS422 Transceivers with ±30kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex50-15~15-30~308303-5.5-40~125SOIC8CA-IF48XX Half Duplex RS-485
CA-IF4888HSBus Polarity Correction RS485 Transceiver正在供货NHalf Duplex0.5-15~15-30~308303-5.5-40~125 SOIC8CA-IF4888 Non Polarized RS-485
CA-IF4805HSRS485/RS422 Transceivers with ±30kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex0.5-15~15-30~308303-5.5-40~125SOIC8CA-IF48XX Half Duplex RS-485
CA-IF4820HSRS485/RS422 Transceivers with ±30kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex20-15~15-30~308303-5.5-40~125SOIC8CA-IF48XX Half Duplex RS-485
CA-IF4820HMRS485/RS422 Transceivers with ±30kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex20-15~15-30~308303-5.5-40~125MSOP8CA-IF48XX Half Duplex RS-485
CA-IF4820HDRS485/RS422 Transceivers with ±30kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex20-15~15-30~308303-5.5-40~125DFN8CA-IF48XX Half Duplex RS-485
CA-IF4820FSRS485/RS422 Transceivers with ±30kV ESD Protection正在供货NFull Duplex20 -15~15-30~308153~5.5 -40~125SOIC8CA-IF48XX Full Duplex RS-485
CS48505SRS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex0.5-7~12-7~128203~5.5-40~125SOIC8CS485XX
CS48520SRS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex20-7~12-7~128203~5.5-40~125SOIC8CS485XX
CS48505MRS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex0.5-7~12-7~128203~5.5-40~125MSOP8CS485XX
CS48520MRS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex20-7~12-7~128203~5.5-40~125MSOP8CS485XX
CS48505DRS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex0.5-7~12-7~128203~5.5-40~125DFN8CS485XX
CS48520DRS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection正在供货NHalf Duplex20-7~12-7~128203~5.5-40~125DFN8CS485XX

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CategoryTitleLast Modified Download
APPNOTEAN006_How to Build an Isolated RS-482/RS-422 SystemCA-IF4805HS, CA-IS2082B, CA-IS3082W, CA-IS3082WX, CA-IS3105W2022-07-21
EVMUGUG017_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF48xxHS Isolated CAN TransceiversCA-IF4805HS, CA-IF4820HS, CA-IF4850HS2022-05-26
EVMUGUG024_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF48xxHM RS-485 TransceiversCA-IF4805HM, CA-IF4820HM, CA-IF4850HM2022-05-26
EVMUGUG025_Evaluation Board for the CA-IF48xxFM RS-422 TransceiversCA-IF4805FM, CA-IF4820FM, CA-IF4850FM2022-05-26