About Isolation

Our broad portfolio of isolation products use Chipanalog’s capacitive isolation technology based on silicon oxide (SiO2) insulation barrier that provide complete galvanic isolation between two power domains. We offer standard digital isolators, low-power digital isolators, dedicated digital isolators for smart meter and the complete digital isolators with integrated power supply; Also, we offer isolated interface products, including the isolated I2C, isolated CAN transceivers, isolated RS-422/RS-485 transceivers and the isolated transceivers with built-in low-EMI DC-DC converter, isolated octal digital input receivers etc. high-integration solutions. We also offer isolated amplifiers. With Chipanalog’s advanced capacitive isolation technology, our isolation family products feature high reliability, high electromagnetic immunity, low propagation delay and low jitter. Thousands of customers have adopted these solutions in their end applications.

Digital isolation is required to prevent conduction between two parts of a system, while still allowing signal transfer between those two parts. It is implemented to prevent current surges from damaging equipment and break ground loops where different ground potentials are involved. In many applications, digital isolators based on CMOS technology are replacing optocouplers because they can reduce the power consumption and take up less board space while offering the same isolation capability.

Our isolated interface products integrated the digital isolation and transceivers into single chip, such as the isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceivers, isolated CAN transceivers, isolated I2C, isolated digital I/O; We also offer the isolated interface products with internal power supply, that include isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceivers with DC-DC converter, isolated CAN transceivers with switching power supply. These high-integration solution can help customers to increase reliability and simplify designs while providing the highest levels of protection on the market.

Chipanalog’s isolated power supply devices provide 0.65W, isolated DC-DC converter with up to 5kVRMS isolation rating. These devices integrate most of the components needed for an isolated power supply —switching controller, power switches, micro-transformer, soft-start, protection circuit etc. — into a single, compact SOIC package. The result is an efficient and compact fully integrated solution that is easy to comply with EMI requirements and makes power-supply design as easy as possible.

Our isolated amplifier/ADC integrates precision isolated amplifier and isolated modulator, optimized for shunt resistor-based current sensing or other small signal measurement applications including industrial control, industrial power supply, frequency inverters, automotive driver etc. areas.

Isolated Drivers

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Application GuideAG001_CA-IS3105W_Application Guide_20210731_finCA-IS3105W2022-07-21
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APPNOTEAN009_Isolated Power Supply Feedback Loop Design with Isolated AmplifierCA-IS3101B, CA-IS3102W2022-05-26
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Application SchemeCA-IS3105W System Application GuideCA-IS3105W2022-06-13
EVMUGUG001_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS362x Digital Isolators with Integrated DC-DC Converter2022-05-26
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EVMUGUG003_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS3062W Isolated CAN Transceiver with Integrated DC-DC ConverterCA-IS3062W2022-05-26
EVMUGUG004_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS3092W/98W Digital Isolators with Integrated DC-DC ConverterCA-IS3092W, CA-IS3098W2022-05-26
EVMUGUG005_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS3090W/96W Digital Isolators with Integrated DC-DC ConverterCA-IS3090W, CA-IS3096W2022-05-26
EVMUGUG007_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS3105W Isolated Power SupplyCA-IS3105W2022-05-26
EVMUGUG009_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS372xG High-performance, Dual-channel Digital IsolatorsCA-IS3720HG, CA-IS3720LG, CA-IS3721HG, CA-IS3721LG, CA-IS3722HG, CA-IS3722LG2022-05-26
EVMUGUG010_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS3102W High-stability Isolated AmplifiersCA-IS3102W2022-05-26
EVMUGUG011_Evaluation Board for the CS817x2x Ultra Low-power Digital IsolatorsCS817x20HS, CS817x20LS, CS817x22HS, CS817x22LS2022-05-26
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EVMUGUG015_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS1044S Isolated CAN TransceiverCA-IS1044S2022-05-26
EVMUGUG016_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS2092W Digital Isolators with Integrated DC-DC ConverterCA-IS2092W2022-05-26
EVMUGUG018_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS305x Isolated CAN TransceiversCA-IS3050EU, CA-IS3050U2022-05-26
EVMUGUG019_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS398x Isolated Octal Industrial Digital Input ReceiverCA-IS3980P, CA-IS3980S, CA-IS3988P2022-05-26
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EVMUGUG021_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS2082B Small-size Isolated RS-485 TransceiversCA-IS2082B2022-05-26
EVMUGUG022_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS376xHB Small-size, High-speed, six-channel Digital Isolators2022-05-26
EVMUGUG023_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS3082/88W Isolated RS-485 TransceiversCA-IS3082W, CA-IS3088W2022-05-26
Application Scheme隔离CAN应用方案CA-IS3050EU, CA-IS3050EW, CA-IS3050G, CA-IS3050U, CA-IS3050W, CA-IS3052EW, CA-IS3052G, CA-IS3052W2021-12-14