The CS817xXX family of ultra-low-power digital isolators used Chipanalog’s “Pulse-Coding” capacitive isolation technology, offering as low as 70μA per channel low quiescent current. These isolated CMOS compatible digital I/Os features up to 3kVRMS isolation rating and ±150 kV/μs typical CMTI, providing high electromagnetic immunity and low EMI. All device versions have Schmitt trigger inputs for high noise immunity and each isolation channel has a logic input and output buffer separated by a capacitive silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier, only requiring two VDD_ bypass capacitors to build a digital signal isolation solution.

Part NumberSeries NameLife CycleIntegrate Isolated
Power Supply
Number of
Number of
Reversed Channels
Insulation Rating
Surge Rating
ESD Rating
(two sides,V)
Data rate
Operating Voltage Range
Operating current per channel
Output ModeDefault outputTemperature Range
CS817x22HSLow power digital isolators正在供货21375015045000200K2.25-5.5160推挽-40~125SOIC8(S)83
CS817x20HSLow power digital isolators工程送样20375015045000200K2.25-5.5160推挽-40~125SOIC8(S)81
CS817x20LSLow power digital isolators工程送样20375015045000200K2.25-5.5160推挽-40~125SOIC8(S)82
CS817x22LSLow power digital isolators工程送样21375015045000200K2.25-5.5160推挽-40~125SOIC8(S)84