About Isolated Power

The isolated power supply includes 0.65w、1W isolated DC-DC converter and 1W isolated DC-DC converter. This series of products integrate the micro transformer on the on-chip substrate to achieve high integration and greatly reduce the PCB layout area.

The CA-IS3105W is a complete isolated DC-DC converter with up to 5kVRMS isolation rating.

The CA-IS310X series of high stability isolated amplifiers are ideal for linear feedback power supplies.

Part NumberSeries NameLife CycleESD Rating
Surge Rating
Insulation Rating
Operating Voltage Range
High-side Power Supply
Low-side Power Supply
Output Power
Reference Voltage
Output GainTotal Error
Output Noise
Temperature Range
CA-IS3105WIsolated Power正在供货60001015050004.5~5.50.5-40~125SOIC16-WB(W)Isolated DC-DC Converter
CA-IS3102WIsolated Error Amplifier工程送样HBM ±2000 CDM ±20006.2515050003-203-201.225721.0/2.6<1400<0.51.7/4.8 -40~125SOIC16-WB(W)Isolated Error Amplifier
CA-IS3101BIsolated Error Amplifier工程送样HBM ±2000 CDM ±20006.2515050003-203-201.225721.0/2.6<1400<0.51.7/4.8 -40~125SSOP16(B)Isolated Error Amplifier

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CategoryTitleLast ModifiedDownload
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EVMUGUG013_Evaluation Board for the CA-IS3101B High-stability Isolated AmplifiersCA-IS3101B2022-05-26