±58V Fault Protected LIN Transceiver with Inhibit and Wake-up
±58V Fault Protected LIN Transceiver with Inhibit and Wake-up

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The CA-IF1021-Q1 device is Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceiver with integrated protection for automotive applications. LIN is low-speed universal asynchronous receiver transmitter(UART) communication protocol used to support automotive networking. The CA-IF1021-Q1 transceiver controls the LIN bus state via the TXD input and reports the bus state on its open-drain output RXD. This device features slew-rate control and wave-shaping to reduce electromagnetic emissions (EME).

The CA-IS1021-Q1 is designed to support up to 12V applications with 5.5V to 27V wide input voltage operating range. Also, this device supports low-power sleep mode, as well as wake-up from low-power mode through LIN bus, or the WAKE_N pin, SLP_N pin. The CA-IS1021-Q1 allows battery power consumption reduction at system-level by selectively enabling the various power supplies that can be present on a node through the INH pin. The CA-IF1021-Q1 integrates ESD protection and fault protection which help to reduce external components in the applications. In the event of a ground shift or supply voltage disconnection, the device prevents back-feed current through LIN to the supply input.

The CA-IF1021-Q1 device is available in a standard 8-pin SOIC package and 8-pin DFN package, operates over the -40°C to +150°C junction temperature range.

Meets LIN2.0、LIN2.1、LIN2.2、LIN2.2A and ISO 17987-4:2016(12V) physical layer (EPL) standards
Compliant to SAE J2602-1 and SAE J2602-2 LIN Physical-layer Specification
Designed to Support 12V Applications with Wide Operating Supply Range:5.5V to 27V supply range (VBAT)
3.3V and 5.0V Input Logic Compatible
Operating ModeNormal operation
Low-power sleep
Low-power standby
Wake-up from Low-power ModeRemote wake-up event from LIN bus
Local wake-up via WAKE_N or SLP_N pins
3.3V and 5V input logic compatible
Integrated 30kΩ LIN Pull-up Resistor
System-level Power Control by INH pin
Power-up/down Glitch-free Operation on LIN bus and RXD output
Integrated Protection Increases Robustness±58V fault-tolerant LIN bus
42V load dump protection
Enhanced ESD protection
Undervoltage protection on VBAT
Transmitter dominant timeout prevents lockup
Thermal shutdown
System level fail-safe protection at unpowered node or ground disconnection
–40°C to 150°C Junction Temperatures Range
Available in SOIC8 and DFN8 (3.0mm x 3.0mm) Packages
AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Application

◎ Body electronics and lighting
◎ Infotainment and cluster
◎ Hybrid, electric & powertrain systems
◎ Personal transport vehicles – Electric bike
◎ Industrial transportation

Device information
Part Number PackagePackage Size (NOM)
CA-IF1021S-Q1SOIC‐8 4.9mm x 3.9mm
CA-IF1021D-Q1DFN-83mm x 3mm
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