5Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD
5Mbps, ±58V Fault Protected CAN Transceiver with CAN FD

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The  CA‐IF1051S‐Q1/CA‐IF1051VS‐Q1  are  control  area  network (CAN) transceivers with integrated protection for industrial  applications.  This  family  of  devices  is  designed  for using in high‐speed CAN FD networks up to 5Mbps data rate, features extended ±58V fault protection on the CAN bus  for  equipment  where  overvoltage  protection  is  required. These CAN devices also incorporate an input common‐mode  range  (CMR)  of  ±30V,  exceeding  the  ISO  11898 specification of ‐2V to +7V, and well suited for applications  where  ground  planes  from  different  systems  are shifting relative to each other. For the CA‐IF1051VS‐Q1 device,  interfacing  with  CAN  protocol  controllers  is  simplified by the 2.5V to 5.5V wide logic‐supply voltage range (VIO).

The  transmitter  include  a  dominant  timeout  detection  to  prevent bus lockup caused by controller error or by a fault on  the  TXD  input.  When  TXD  remains  in  the  dominant  state (low) for longer than tDOM, the driver is switched to the  recessive  state,  releasing  the  bus.  In  addition,  this  family of devices features a silent‐mode option to disable the transmitter.

The  CA‐IF1051S‐Q1/CA‐IF1051VS‐Q1  are  in  a  standard  8‐pin SOIC package. Both parts operate over the ‐55°C to +150°C temperature range.

Meets the ISO 11898‐2:2016 and ISO 11898‐5:2007 Physical Layer Standards
Turbo”CANSupport classic CAN and high‐speed operation of up to 5Mbps CAN FD (flexible data rate)
Short symmetrical propagation delay and fast loop times for enhanced timing margin
Ideal Passive Behavior When Unpowered Bus and logic terminals are high impedance (no load)
Power up/down with glitch free operation on bus and RXD output
Integrated Protection Increases Robustness±58V fault‐tolerant CANH and CANL
±30V extended common‐mode input range (CMR)
Undervoltage protection on VCC supply terminals
Transmitter dominant timeout prevents lockup, data rates down to 5.5kbps
Thermal shutdown
2.5V to 5.5V Logic‐Supply (VIO) Range (CA‐IF1051VS‐Q1 only)
Junction temperatures range–55°C to 150°C
Package SOIC8

◎ Industrial automation
◎ Building automation
◎ HVAC systems
◎ Distribution automation
◎ Vending machines
◎ Security systems

Device information
Part Number PackagePackage Size (NOM)
CA‐IF1051S‐Q1 SOIC‐8 4.9mm x 3.9mm
CA‐IF1051VS‐Q1 SOIC‐8 4.9mm x 3.9mm
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