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The CA-IF428x family of devices complies with the home bus standard requirements while improving communication in harsh environments and minimizing the need for external components. The home bus standard was designed to ease communication between multiple different devices connected to a single bus, where data and power are passed on one single pair of wires, to allow a mutual exchange of information at any time from any room in a home or building among various appliances, equipment, or security devices. The CA-IF428x family is configurable to operate up to 200kbps with adjustable receiver thresholds and dynamic cable termination for improved communication with high data rates. This family of devices is rated for operation up to ±8kV contact discharge and ±15kV air gap ESD protection, and survives up to ±1kV surge events with selected external components. Additional features include adjustable receiver hysteresis and driver slew rate. Also, the CA-IF4289 features bus polarity detection, help to prevent incorrect bus connections. The CA-IF428x devices have been designed for operation in home bus systems but they are not only limited to those networks, can be used to transmit data over any compatible system. All devices are specified over the -40°C to +105°C operating temperature range and are available in a compact 24-pin 4mm*4mm QFN package

Configurability Enables Flexible Design9.6kbps to 200kbps Data Rate
Adjustable Receiver Thresholds and Internal Threshold Configuration Option
Large Receiver Hysteresis
Adjustable Slew Rate on Transmit Signals
Dynamic Cable Termination Improves Signal Quality for High-Speed Communication
Support Bus Polarity Detection (CA-IF4289 only)
Integrated Protection for Robust CommunicationIEC 61000-4-2 ±8kV Contact and ±15kV Air-Gap ESD Protection
IEC 61000-4-5 ±1kV Surge Protection with Selected External Components
Compact 4mm*4mm QFN Package
Operation temperature range from -40°C to +105°C

• Data over Power Applications (PoD)
• Digital Signage
• Industrial PLC
• Remote Monitoring and Sensing

Device information
Part Number PackagePackage Size (NOM)
CA-IF4288 QFN 4mm*4mm
CA-IF4289QFN 4mm*4mm
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