Isolated CAN transceivers
Isolated CAN transceivers

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The CA-IS1044S device is galvanically-isolated controller area network (CAN) transceiver that has superior isolation and CAN performance to meet the needs of the industrial applications. This device has the logic input and output buffers separated by a silicon oxide (SiO2) insulation barrier that provides galvanic isolation. Isolation improves communication by breaking ground loops and reduces noise where there are large differences in ground potential between ports. The CA-IS1044S is available in small 8-pin SOIC package and features up to 3000VRMS (60s) of galvanic isolation.

These transceivers operate up to 2Mbps data rate and feature integrated protection for robust communication, including current limit, thermal shutdown, and the extended ±58V fault protection on the CAN bus for equipment where overvoltage protection is require. The dominant timeout detection prevents bus lockup caused by controller error or by a fault on the TXD input. These CAN receivers also incorporate an input common-mode range (CMR) of ±30V, exceeding the ISO 11898 specification of -2V to +7V. All devices operate over -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

The CA-IF1044S is in a standard 8-pin narrow body SOIC package and operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range.

Meets the ISO 11898-2 physical layer standards
Integrated protection increases robustness3kVRMS withstand isolation voltage for 60s (galvanic isolation)
±100kV/μs typical CMTI
±58V fault-tolerant CANH and CANL
±30V extended common-mode input range (CMR)
Transmitter dominant timeout prevents lockup, data rates down to 5.5kbps
Thermal shutdown
Date rate is up to 2Mbps
Low loop delay140ns (typical), 210ns (maximum)
2.5V to 5.5V I/O voltage range, supports 2.7V, 3V, 3.3V and 5V CAN controller interface
Ideal passive behavior when unpowered
Wide operating temperature range:-40°C to 125°C
Safety Regulatory ApprovalsUL1577 certification (pending)
AEC-Q100 certification (pending)

◎ Industrial Controls
◎ Building Automation
◎ Security and Protection System
◎ Transportation
◎ Automotive Gateway
◎ Body Electronics and Lighting
◎ Battery Management System (BMS)

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