Triple channel standard digital isolators
Triple channel standard digital isolators

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The CA-IS373x devices are high-performance triple-channel digital isolators with up to 3.75kVRMS (narrow-body package) or 5kVRMS (wide-body package) isolation rating and ultra-fast data rate. The CA-IS373x devices offer high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions at low power consumption while isolating different ground domains and block high-voltage/high-current transients from sensitive or human interface circuitry. Each isolation channel has a logic input and output buffer separated by capacitive silicon dioxide (SiO2) insulation barrier, the integrated Schmitt trigger on each input provide excellent noise immunity.

The CA-IS3730 features 3 channels transferring digital signals in one direction for applications such as isolated digital I/O. The CA-IS3731 device has 2 forward and 1 reverse-direction channels. All of the devices in the family come with enable pins which can be used to put the outputs in high impedance for multi-master driving applications to reduce power consumption. When the input is either not powered or is open-circuit, the default output is low for devices with suffix L and high for devices with suffix H, see the Ordering Information for suffixes associated with each option.

The CA-IS373x family devices are specified over the -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range and are available in 16-pin SOIC, narrow body package and 16-pin SOIC wide body package. The CA-IS3731 also provides 16-pin SSOP narrow body package.

Robust Galvanic Isolation of Digital SignalsHigh lifetime: >40 years
Up to 3750 VRMS isolation rating (narrow body packages) and up to 5000 VRMS isolation rating (wide body packages)
±150 kV/μs typical CMTI
Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
Schmitt trigger inputs
Interfaces Directly with Most Micros and FPGAsData rate: DC to 150Mbps
Accepts 2.5V to 5.5V supplies
Default output High (CA-IS373xH) and Low (CA-IS373xL) Options
Low Power Consumption1.5mA per channel at 1Mbps with VDD = 5.0V
6.6mA per channel at 100Mbps with VDD = 5.0V
Best in class propagation delay and skew8ns typical propagation delay
1ns pulse width distortion
2ns propagation delay skew (chip -to-chip)
5ns minimum pulse width
No Start-Up Initialization Required
Enable Control Input with internal pull-up
Safety Regulatory ApprovalsVDE 0884-11 Reinforced Isolation
UL According to UL1577
IEC 62368-1, IEC 61010-1, GB 4943.1-2011 and GB 8898-2011 certifications
PackageSOIC16-NB (N), SOIC16-WB(W), SSOP16-NB(B)

◎ Industrial Automation
◎ Motor Control
◎ Medical Systems
◎ Isolated Power Supplies
◎ Solar Inverters
◎ Isolated SPI, RS485, CAN etc.

Device information
Part Number PackagePackage Size (NOM)
SOIC16-NB (N) 9.90 mm × 3.90 mm
SOIC16-WB(W) 10.30 mm × 7.50 mm
CA-IS3731 SSOP16-NB(B) 4.90 mm × 3.90 mm
Simplified Channel Structure

GNDA and GNDB are the isolated grounds for A side and B side respectively.

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