Reinforced Digital Isolators
Reinforced Digital Isolators

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The CA-IS386x devices are high-performance six-channel, unidirectional digital isolators with up to 5.7kVRMS (ExtraWide-body package) or 5kVRMS (wide-body package) isolation rating and ultra-fast data rate. The CA-IS386x devices offer high electromagnetic immunity and low emissions at low power consumption while isolating different ground domains and block high-voltage/highcurrent transients from sensitive or human interface circuitry. Each isolation channel has a logic input and output buffer separated by capacitive silicon dioxide (SiO2)
insulation barrier, the integrated Schmitt trigger on each input provide excellent noise immunity.

The CA-IS386x family offers all possible unidirectional channel configurations to accommodate any 6-channel design digital I/O applications, especial for the multiple SPI devices isolation. The CA-IS3860 features six channels transferring digital signals in one direction; The CA-IS3861 device has five forward and one reverse-direction channels; The CA-IS3862 device offers four forward and two reversedirection channels isolation; The CA-IS3863 provides further design flexibility with three channels in each direction. All devices of this family features default outputs. When the input is either not powered or is open-circuit, the default output is low for devices with suffix L and high for devices with suffix H, see the Ordering Information for suffixes associated with each option.
The CA-IS386x series devices are specified over the -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range and are available in 16-pin SOIC Extra-Wide body package and 16-pin SOIC wide body package.

Robust Galvanic Isolation of Digital SignalsHigh lifetime: >40 years
Robust Galvanic Isolation of Digital Signals Up to 5700 VRMS isolation rating (Extra Wide body packages) and up to 5000 VRMS isolation rating (wide body packages)
Robust Galvanic Isolation of Digital Signals ±150 kV/μs typical CMTI
Robust Galvanic Isolation of Digital Signals Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
Robust Galvanic Isolation of Digital Signals Schmitt trigger inputs
Interfaces Directly with Most MCUs and FPGAs Data rate: DC to 150Mbps
Interfaces Directly with Most MCUs and FPGAs Accepts 2.5V to 5.5V supplies
Interfaces Directly with Most MCUs and FPGAs Default output High (CA-IS386xH) and Low (CAIS386xL) Options
Low Power Consumption 1.5mA per channel at 1Mbps with VDD = 5.0V
Low Power Consumption 6.6mA per channel at 100Mbps with VDD = 5.0V
Best in class propagation delay and skew12ns typical propagation delay
Best in class propagation delay and skew1ns pulse width distortion
Best in class propagation delay and skew2ns propagation delay skew (chip -to-chip)
Best in class propagation delay and skew5ns minimum pulse width
No Start-Up Initialization Required
Package Options Wide-body SOIC16-WWB(WW) package
Package Options Wide-body SOIC16-WB(W) package
Safety Regulatory Approvals(Pending) VDE 0884-11 isolation certification
Safety Regulatory Approvals(Pending) UL According to UL1577
Safety Regulatory Approvals(Pending) IEC 62368-1, IEC 61010-1, GB 4943.1-2011 and GB 8898-2011 certifications

◎ Industrial Automation
◎ Motor Control
◎ Medical Systems
◎ Isolated Power Supplies
◎ Solar Inverters
◎ Isolated SPI etc. Digital Interfaces

Device information
Part Number PackagePackage Size (NOM)
SOIC16-WB(W) 10.30 mm × 7.50 mm
SOIC16- WWB(WW)10.30 mm × 14.00 mm
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