RS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection
RS485 Transceivers with ±20kV ESD Protection

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The CS485xx family of devices are low-power half-duplex transceivers for RS-485/RS-422 communications in harsh environments. All devices feature ±20kV electro-static discharge (ESD) protection for the bus pins (A and B), eliminating the need for additional system level protection components.

The CS485xx family of devices contain one driver(TX) and one receiver(RX), operates over the +3V to +5.5V supply range, making these devices convenient for designers to use one part with either +3.3V or +5V supply systems. The CS48520x devices can transmit and receive at data rates up to 20Mbps, while the CS48505x devices are specified for data rates up to 500kbps. These devices also include fail-safe circuitry, guaranteeing a logic-high receiver output when the receiver inputs are shorted or open.

All devices are specified over the -40°C to +125°C wide operating temperature range and are available in small 8-pin MSOP, 8-pin DFN packages for space constrained applications and 8-pin SOIC for drop-in compatibility design.

High-Performance and Compliant with RS-485 EIA/TIA-485 StandardLow EMI 500kbps Data Rate (CS48505x) and up to 20Mbps (CS48520x) High-Speed Data Rate
50 Nodes on the Same Bus
Integrated Protection for Robust Communication-7V to +12V Common-Mode Voltage Range
±20kV Human Body Model ESD Protection and±4kV Contact Discharge IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Protection on A/B pins
Short-Circuit Protection
Thermal Shutdown
True Fail-Safe Guarantees Known Receiver Output State
Glitch-free during Power on/Power off
Output Level is Compatible with Profibus Standard|VOD| > 2.1V @ 5V Supply Voltage
Low PowerLow Supply Current (0.95mA, typ.)
Shutdown Current < 5µA
Supply Voltage Range3V to 5.5V
Wide Operating Temperature Range–40°C to 125°C
PackageSOIC8,MSOP8 和DFN8

◎ Factory Automation & Control
◎ Grid Infrastructure
◎ Home and Building Automation
◎ Video Surveillance
◎ Smart Meters
◎ Process Control
◎ Telecommunication Equipment

Device information
Part Number PackagePackage Size (NOM)
CS48505D, CS48520DDFN83mm × 3mm
CS48505M, CS48520M,CS485MMSOP83mm × 3mm
CS48505S, CS48520S ,CS485SSOIC84.9mm × 3.9mm
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