About Chipanalog

Isolation, Interfaces, HPA, Driver and Power

Shanghai Chipanalog Microelectronics Co., Ltd

Shanghai Chipanalog Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on R&D, design and sales of high-end analog chips. The product portfolio involves Isolation, Interfaces, HPA, Driver and Power,which is used in industrial and automotive electronics markets.

Founded in 2016, Chipanalog Microelectronics has become a well-known domestic supplier in the field of high-end analog chips after several years development. Chipanalog has cooperated with more than 3000 customers, which are distributed in the fields of industrial control, power supplies and energy, household appliances, automobile electronics etc.

  • 2016

    Founded in

  • 3000+

    Cooperated customers


Chipanalog Development Process

Passed CNAS Laboratory Accreditation Certificate
Passed ISO 26262 System Certification
Honored with SRDI “Little Giants” Enterprise
First Batch of CAN & Isolator Products Passed AEC-Q100
Certification and were Delivered in Mass Production
First Interface Product was Released to Market
First Isolator Product was Released to Market
First Chip was Released to Market
Chipanalog Founded


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    Commemoration of 10KK Mass Production of Automotive Products

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    High Quality Supplier of Automotive Simulation Chip

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    High-Tech Company

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    2022 China IC Design Achievement Award The Best Isolator of the Year

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    Zhang Jiang Star

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    2021 VENTURE Top 50

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    2021 Key & Core Technology Top 50

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    CiA Membership Certificate

Corporate Values

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    High Aspirations

    With dreams in mind, we never stop developing. We undertake the important mission of revitalizing China’s chip industry. We are committed to be a world-leading supplier of analog chips.

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    Continuous Innovation

    We vigorously bring in scientific and technological talents and strive to become an innovation highland in the chip industry. We dig deep to find out the real problems and innovations . We promote product upgrades and improvements based on customer reputation and user feedback. We are honest in everything and dare to take responsibility.

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    Ultimate Perfection

    We keep improving products and constantly go beyond ourselves with the attitude of striving for excellence. We combine perfectly the cutting-edge technology with customer needs. Let chips change life and achieve a better future.

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    Honesty and Trustworthiness

    We operate by the law, abide by integrity, take reputation as first and brand as priority. We seek cooperation in competition and make development with cooperation through friendly cooperation and fair competition.

Chipanalog Activity

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    Autumn Sports Games

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